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This website was created to allow for easy communication between the University HR Department and designated users of the HCM system [HCM Preparers and HCM Approvers]. Click on the post title or the "Read More »" link to view the entire post.

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Changes to the AD Hoc Salary Queue

Posted on November 17, 2011

Effective immediately, preparers are to use the “Request AD Hoc salary” action in the HCM/Payroll system to submit hourly pay rate changes for class 4 temporary or class 5 student employees only. Salary compensation changes are not to be entered into this queue.  The HCM Unit will no longer process salary changes for class 1, 6, 7, 8, or 9 employees submitted after November 17, 2011 through the AD Hoc queue.  Previously the preparer had to put in two requests for each PTL, TA/GA, Coad, fellow, or non-tenured faculty if their salary was changing with their reappointment.  Now preparers only need to submit the reappointment request and attach the appropriate documentation that outlines the terms of the reappointment (including the salary the employee is to be paid).  This will reduce the work for the department preparer as they will only be entering the reappointment request.

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Hiring and Reappointing PTL’s; TA’s and All Others With a 2/1/2012 Appointment Begin Date

The HCM/Payroll submission period for hiring and reappointing Part-time Lecturers, Teaching Assistants and all other employees with a February 1, 2012 appointment begin date began on October 28, 2011.  In order to have appointments processed for the February 3, 2012 payroll preparers need to submit the reappointment requests starting now. Only fourteen reappointment/hire requests are currently in the HCM request queues for the February 3, 2012 payroll. 

Please note this important change when submitting your reappointment request:  Please do not enter an AD HOC Salary Change request with your Reappointment request. The documentation you attach to the reappointment already specifies the salary your employee is to be paid for each course and a total salary if there are multiple courses. The salary changes will be processed by the HCM unit from the documentation you attach to the reappointment request.

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