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Remaining Pre-Migration Banner Job Actions

Posted on September 23, 2016

This is a reminder that, due to migration, the only EPAF actions to be processed in the BANNER System between now and the Payroll Cutoff for the October 7, 2016 paycheck are Separations and Retirements.

However, we understand that urgent “Separation” and other EPAF actions may need attention although the submission deadlines have passed. These job actions need to be communicated to both BANNER PAYROLL and HCM Data Administration immediately. Please submit the Paper EPAF and supporting documentation to HCMBANNER@hr.rutgers.edu mark it “urgent”, copy mtran@hr.rutgers.edu, and also phone either Mary Tran at 848-932-3852 or Joycelyn Johnson-Williams at 848-932-3870.

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