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Posted at 4:16 pm October 25, 2016, in Uncategorized

As you know, going forward RBHS and Central Administration will use a Paper EPAF to submit the requests they previously submitted through the electronic EPAF system. The new Paper EPAF is a fillable PDF. All you have to do is fill it out, print it, obtain the required signatures, scan it to your computer, and then email the Paper EPAF form and the supporting documentation as follows:

  • Staff EPAFS – For Promotions, Reclassifications and Other Actions Requiring Compensation Review That Are Not Submitted Through ROCS:
    • Please send to the HR Compensation Department with your Compensation Review request and documentation.
  • Staff EPAFS – For All Separations and All Other Staff EPAF Actions:
    • Please send email to your HR Generalist with appropriate supporting documentation.
  • Faculty EPAFS – For Separation Actions:
    • Please send information to your RBHS Faculty Coordinator with supporting documentation as they advise.
  • Faculty Coordinators:

Note on Separations from the University

In general, supporting documentation required for processing has not changed. However, additional documentation will be needed for separating employees who accrue time in the University’s Absence Reporting System.

Separations require the following documentation to complete processing:

  • The Paper EPAF
  • Acknowledgement that the BC-10 form has been given to the departing employee.
  • Separation letter (signed) and other supporting documentation as indicated above.
  • The Days Remaining Report from the University’s Absence Reporting System for all Staff who accrue time.
  • Days to be paid out upon separation for Faculty (reported in the Comments section of the EPAF Form).


We ask that you make certain that the subject line of your emails have wording that identifies it. Suggested wording of subject line:

  1. Start with the name of the action; there are only three (3) choices:
    1. ORG Change
    2. Separation
    3. Salary Adjustment
  2. Next enter the name of the employee.
  3. Then enter the effective date for the action


Examples of well-named email subject lines are:

  • ORG Change Nero Wolf 12-1-16
  • Separation Ned Stark 11-20-16
  • Salary Adjustment Rick Grimes 1-5-17

Urgent “Separation” and other EPAF actions need to be communicated to your HR Generalist, Faculty Coordinator, and/or HR Preparer quickly so they can notify the HCM Unit and Payroll. Please call and email them, and then send the Paper EPAF and other supporting documentation as indicated above.

Attached below are a revised, fillable, Paper EPAF Form (with additional separation reasons) and the fillable Paper EPAF Form Directions. The Form and Directions can be accessed through the HCM_Blog under the “Banner/PeopleSoft Migration Information” header panel on the right.


Additional Information for the Office of Faculty Affairs

For Faculty, EPAF Originators need to include the following in the in Step 3: Comments:

  • School: (NJMS, RSDM, RWJMS, SHP, SN, SPH)
  • Action: (At-Will Termination, Deceased, Layoff, Non-reappointment, Resignation, Retirement, Termination-Coterminous, Termination for Cause, Transfer between Schools)
  • Degree: (MD, DO, DMD, DDS, RN, etc.)
  • FTE:___
  • Tenure Status: NT, TT, TE (This would be the tenure status just prior to the separation)
  • Salary Table: (FA, FP, FN, FS, FE, FD, FJ, FX)
  • Salary Grade:___
  • Last Academic Base Salary:
  • No longer AAUP-RBHS, AAUP-AFT or NJEA Eligible
  • Vacation Day Pay Out: ____ Days
  • Change to Volunteer Appointment – New title (XYZ) [if applicable, attach appropriate documentation]


All Users of the Paper EPAF Form

Please direct questions concerning use of the EPAF form to:



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