2017 HCM Job Action Cutoff Schedule Winter – Spring-Summer

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Posted at 3:57 pm January 25, 2017, in Uncategorized

To Preparers and Approvers:

A new updated HCM Action Schedule for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2017 has been posted in the “General HCM Files” area of this website on the right-hand sidebar.

Please review the schedule and submit requests early to ensure your Approver has sufficient time to review, approve, and send the request to the HCM Unit for processing. Requests need to be submitted to the HCM Unit before the “RIAS III HCM Job Action Submission No Later Than Date” associated with the paycheck date that the employee is to receive the first paycheck.

To afford the optimum opportunity for actions to be reflected by an employee’s start date, fully complete requests need to be submitted to the HCM Unit for processing at least 15 business days before the employee’s start date (first day of work).

The new schedule has 365 “Submission to HCM Start Date” – “HCM Cutoff Date” groupings within a year. This is because every date can be an effective date. In addition, the columns on the schedule are reordered to list the “Effective Date of Action” first, then the date Preparers/Approvers should begin to submit requests (“Start Date to Submit to HCM”), followed by the “HCM Cutoff Date”.

Once all of the documentation needed to support and process each request is complete, Preparers are encouraged to enter and Approvers to review, approve, and submit job action requests to the HCM queues, on or as close to the “Start Date to Submit to HCM” as possible. Requests should be submitted and approved at the department level before the “HCM Cutoff Date”.

Preparers/Approvers, please allow several business days from when the Approver submits the request to HCM, to either see the workflow notification that the action has been processed or to be contacted by your HCM Specialist. We appreciate your follow-ups and reminders, so if you don’t see your request completed after five business days, please email your HCM Specialist and copy the Manager of the HCM Unit, Karla Marie Anderson (kanderson@hr.rutgers.edu). If your issue is not resolved in a timely manner after your follow-up, contact HCM Director Joycelyn Johnson-Williams (joycelyn.johnsonwilliams@rutgers.edu).

Please review and use this new schedule to ensure submission deadlines are met and employees are active by their first day of work.




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