Updated Schedules for the Automated Termination of Old & Expired Employee Records are Now Posted

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Posted at 3:40 pm March 2, 2017, in Uncategorized

To All Preparers and Approvers:

This announcement is a reminder to departments to please submit termination requests for employees, who reach their expected term end date, are no longer regularly scheduled to work in your department, and /or have not signed an appointment letter stating they will work in your area in the foreseeable future.

If you have a reappointment letter, please submit the reappointment request into the HCM System for processing as early as possible based on the HCM Cutoff Schedule. You can submit the reappointment request up to 12 weeks before the effective date of the reappointment. Your assistance is greatly appreciated in ensuring that employment status is accurately recorded in our systems and that university access to systems is secure.

The automated removal of payroll records is an additional established and critically necessary practice to ensure that the university meets its obligations with respect to accurate reporting of employment for the following purposes: Affordable Care Act, state health benefit plan eligibility, I -9, IRS, state pension and retirement system eligibility, unemployment, other federal and state employment regulations, federal and state reporting requirements, external audit reporting, and university access and security.

Please see the schedules attached under “General HCM Files” to determine when your term employees will be auto-terminated, if you have not taken action to reappoint them. The schedules are named as follows:

• Class 4 Termination Schedule
• Class 5 Student Hourly Termination Schedule
• Classes 6, 7, 8, and 9 Period Pay Termination Schedule
• Class 8 Winter/Summer Instructor Termination Schedule

With the update of the schedules, there will not be a separate announcement when the termination programs are run each month. Please look to the schedules to know when the automated program is scheduled to complete. However, an announcement will continue to be posted on this blog when the termination schedules are updated or a new schedule is posted.

Current active records will not be terminated. However, Class 5 student employment records that have not generated pay to employees for a considerable length of time are considered outdated and will be terminated according to that schedule.

Also, appointments requiring expected end dates are scheduled for auto-termination based on the expected end date. Please remember that entering hours on time and labor for a date after the expected end date of these appointments or submitting a late reappointment request will not keep the employee active or stop the automated termination process. Please submit your reappointment requests in a timely manner so they can be processed before the automatic termination program terminates the employee record.

HR Approvers will receive a workflow notification for each of these automatic terminations; please have your I-9 Preparer log into the Guardian I-9 system to terminate the employees’ I-9 record.

Your diligence and the automated termination program together works to ensure that the university meets its reporting obligations. Thank you for ensuring that employment status is accurately recorded in our systems and that university access to systems is secure.


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