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Posted at 11:19 am June 24, 2017, in Uncategorized

To All Preparers and Approvers:

In order to successfully hire and onboard Class 6 Academic Year Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants during the summer months as Class 5 Student Workers, please be aware of the following processes:

1. Submit a hire request through HCM Template-Based Hire for Class 5 appointments and attach a memo (in either Microsoft Word or Adobe .pdf format) signed by the hiring authority stating the following information:
• Employee Name;
• HCM Employee ID;
• Employee’s Class 6 Job Title;
• Summer Hiring Department;
• Description of work to be performed over the summer as a Class 5 employee;
• Name of Supervisor over the summer;
• Start date of Class 5 appointment;
• End date of Class 5 appointment;
• Hourly Rate.

2. Once the hire request is submitted the HCM unit will process or get back to you if there is an issue.

In order to properly document the Class 5 appointment, please be advised that hiring memos contained within the body of an email cannot be accepted.

Please contact HCM if you have any questions concerning this process.

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