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Administrative Services Building II, Rutgers-New Brunswick

The Human Capital Management (HCM) Unit implements university-wide mass salary changes and department-initiated employee transaction requests using the PeopleSoft HCM Application. The Unit’s goal is to ensure all employee salary and data changes are accurate and compliant with state and federal regulations, university policy, and bargaining unit contracts. The Unit collaborates closely with Payroll Services, Academic Labor Relations, the Office of Information Technology, HR Consulting, and the Office of Labor Relations, as well as department-level administrators (HR Preparers and Approvers).

The HCM System User Blog website allows for easy communication between the University HR Department and designated users of the HCM system. It contains HCM-related documents and resources, and displays information concerning the HCM System, HR policies and deadlines, the Guardian I-9 system, and other information related to the administration of Rutgers University’s workforce and electronic employee data systems.