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EPAF System Shutdown Is Soon!

August 25th, 2016

To all RBHS and Central Administration Originators, HR Preparers, and HR Approvers:

As you know, we are in the midst of an exciting time, transitioning Payroll data from the BANNER system to the PeopleSoft system! The Electronic Personnel Action Form system (EPAF) that is linked to the BANNER system will be shutting down after the August 31, 2016 cutoff for the September 9, 2016 paycheck. Going forward RBHS and Central Administration will use a Paper EPAF to submit the requests they previously submitted through the electronic system. The new Paper EPAF is a fillable PDF. All you have to do is fill it out, print it, obtain the required signatures, scan it to your computer, and then email the Paper EPAF form and the supporting documentation to one email address: HCMBANNER@hr.rutgers.edu.

We ask that you make certain that the subject line of your emails have the exact wording and word order as follows:

  1. Start with the words “Paper EPAF”;
  2. Then enter the name of the action;  there are only three (3) choices:
    1. ORG Change
    2. Separation
    3. Salary Adjustment
  3. Then enter the name of the employee.

Examples of well named email subject lines are:

  • Paper EPAF ORG Change Nero Wolf
  • Paper EPAF Separation Ned Stark
  • Paper EPAF Salary Adjustment Rick Grimes

Due to migration, the only EPAF actions that will be processed after the August 31, 2016 Cycle 18 cutoff are Separations. The Paper EPAF with supporting documentation for any EPAF action that needs to be processed after August 31st to meet the September 23rd paycheck must be emailed to HCMBANNER@hr.rutgers.edu by September 7, 2016. Those Paper EPAFs which need to meet the October 7, 2016 paycheck must be emailed by September 14, 2016.

However, urgent “Separation” and other EPAF actions that miss these deadlines need to be communicated to both BANNER PAYROLL and HCM Data Administration immediately. Please submit the Paper EPAF and supporting documentation to HCMBANNER@hr.rutgers.edu, mark it “urgent”, copy mtran@hr.rutgers.edu, and also phone either Mary Tran at 848-932-3852 or Joycelyn Johnson-Williams at 848-932-3870.

The HCM unit will review your requests with the BANNER Payroll department to determine what can still be entered into the BANNER payroll system or discuss other solutions with you.

The latest EPAF Calendar and the new Paper EPAF form are attached to this email for you. You can also navigate to the HCM Blog at http://hcmblog.rutgers.edu to view this announcement and the announcement titled “Countdown to Migration!”, and to obtain schedules, dates to know, and the Paper EPAF form (posted under the header “Banner/PeopleSoft Migration Information”).

The Paper EPAF form will continue to be used after data migration to the PeopleSoft HCM/Payroll system is complete for a period of time. Information on that process will be communicated soon.

Attached below are the fillable Paper EPAF Form, the fillable Paper EPAF Form Directions, and the final EPAF System Calendars, which also can be accessed under the “Banner/PeopleSoft Migration Information” header panel to the right.

Thank you

Countdown to Migration!

July 14th, 2016

To All Preparers and Approvers:

The migration of Banner System payroll data to the PeopleSoft HCM/Payroll System for all legacy UMDNJ employees will commence on Saturday, October 8, 2016. From Saturday October 1, 2016 to Friday October 7, 2016, the Banner and PeopleSoft Payroll Systems will be offline. No University employee will have access to any aspect of the RIAS HCM/Payroll System for those seven (7) days, including, but not limited to, Self-Service, Template-Based-Hire, Reappointment, Leave of Absence, Termination, Retirement, and other request queues. Additionally, there will be no access to Time and Labor or Commitment Accounting during the offline period. Access to the PeopleSoft HCM/Payroll System and Self-Service will return on October 8, 2016 for all Rutgers University employees.

During September 2016 and October 2016, in an effort to accommodate system shutdown, certain payrolls will be closing earlier than usual. As a result, there are accelerated HR cutoff, EPAF cutoff (Banner only), and Payroll Time and Labor cutoff schedules, which you will need to follow in order for requests to be processed and employees to be paid. Attached below are the revised 2016-2017 HCM Cutoff Schedules for Fall 2016/Winter 2017, and an accelerated Time and Labor Schedule for September 2016 and October 2016 for the Banner and PeopleSoft Payroll Systems, which can also be accessed through the “Banner/PeopleSoft Migration Information” header panel to the right. Also attached below are two (2) summary charts with migration dates (one sorted by date, and one sorted by payroll system), which can be accessed under the “Banner/PeopleSoft Migration Information” header panel to the right. The summary charts provide information regarding the last dates employees will have access to the Banner and PeopleSoft Payroll Self-Service features, and provide the date that access to Self-Service will return. A revised EPAF Cutoff Schedule will be disseminated to Banner EPAF Originators as soon as possible.

Please note that we are fully aware that PeopleSoft Payroll System Preparers and Banner System Originators do oftentimes receive late notification regarding leaves of absence, terminations and retirements, and as such, we will soon be providing instructions for a separate procedure that will inform HCM and Payroll of notifications received after the HR cutoff.

Thank you

Please Disregard Fiscal Day Pay Rate Change Workflow Emails

June 20th, 2016

To All Preparers and Approvers:

Over the weekend an automated process ran in the HCM/Payroll system against every active employee record. This process may inadvertently sent workflow emails to Approvers and Preparers. If you received emails about the July 1, 2016 fiscal day change, please disregard them. There is absolutely nothing you need to do except delete those emails.

In addition, HCM processed many of your hire, reappointment, and separation requests over the weekend.  Please note those workflow emails and complete any commitment accounting entries that are needed.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience the fiscal day workflow messaging may cause. Please reach out to your HCM Specialist if you are unsure about a particular workflow message.

Thank you.

Processing Guidelines for 7/1/16 Faculty Reappointments and Promotions

June 13th, 2016

To All Preparers and Approvers:

Rutgers University’s peak reappointment and hiring period has begun. We have listed below a few guidelines to assist you, as you begin to process your faculty reappointments. Please use the following information to help determine when new salary and other information should be entered into HCM to support faculty reappointments and promotions that will be effective as of July 1, 2016.

The final date to submit reappointments effective July 1, 2016 to meet the July 1, 2016 paycheck deadline is this Thursday, June 16, 2016. Please submit fully completed and signed reappointment requests effective July 1 now. Also, please review the HCM Job Action Schedule on the HCM Blog to be certain that you submit your processing requests between the appropriate submission “begin date” and “no later than date“ throughout the summer.

Do Not Include the Following Salary Changes Upon Reappointment:

  • The 2.125% Across-the-Board increase for faculty
  • Any 10% promotional increase for faculty (please see process below)
  • The 2.5% Assistant Professors’ Increase
  • Any increase to the minimum

These increases are handled centrally by HCM and ALR. 

Please refer to the below procedures as you enter your requests to reappoint regular faculty.

Faculty Reappointments without Salary Increases:

  • Reappointment Letter – The salary listed on the reappointment letter should match the salary amount in the previous appointment and include effective dates, end dates, and signatures of the hiring authority and faculty member. Also, please remember to have the completed and signed reappointment letter ready to attach to your reappointment request.
  • Reappointment Details Screen – When the Preparer enters a Reappointment Request in HCM, the Annual Rate field on the Reappointment Details Screen needs to be filled in. The system will not carry over the exact amount from the previous appointment.

Faculty Reappointments with Individual Departmental Salary Increases (other than FCP):

  • Reappointment Letter – The salary listed on the reappointment letter should clearly indicate the increased salary, effective dates, end dates, and signatures of the hiring authority and faculty member. This new, completed and signed reappointment letter needs to be attached to your reappointment request.
  • Reappointment Details Screen – When the Preparer enters the Reappointment Request in HCM, the increased annual rate must be entered into the Annual Rate field.

Board of Governors (BOG) Approved Promotions with Salary Increases:

  • BOG promotions are processed centrally. All information has been received. Preparers do not need to submit anything at this time.

Non-Tenure Track Promotions with Salary Increases:

  • Promotion Letter – The reappointment letter should clearly indicate the new payroll job title, the new increased salary, appointment effective date, end date (if applicable), and signatures of the hiring authority and faculty member. This new, completed and signed promotion letter needs to be emailed to your HCM Specialist.
  • The Preparer needs to:
    • Submit a Promotion Request in HCM
    • Upload the promotion paperwork directly to Job Data in the HCM system and
    • Notify their HCM Specialist (see the assignment list on the HCM Blog) once uploaded.

Please contact your HCM Specialist or the HCM Department’s Sr. HCM Project Specialist if you have any questions concerning the above guidelines.

Thank you.

Use of Compensatory Time Off

May 26th, 2016

To all Time and Labor Approvers:

This is a reminder that in accordance with University Policy 60.3.14, Overtime/Comp Time for Regularly Appointed Staff, all earned and accrued Compensatory time must be utilized or compensated for in wages by the first pay period in June of every fiscal year.

As in prior years, no new compensatory time can be earned after June 3, 2016 through the end of the fiscal year (June 30). Overtime hours worked during this time must be treated as paid overtime. Employees may begin to accrue compensatory time again on July 1. Accrued compensatory time must be used by June 13. Any compensatory time balances remaining after June 13 will be paid out by Friday, June 17.

If you have questions, please contact your HR Consultant.

Thank you.